Monday, April 12, 2010

Down Under

Today we spent the day on another new adventure! We drove about an hour north to visit Kentucky Down Under. It's hard to describe exactly what that is. It's not really a zoo, but there are a lot of animals, a cool cave, and a park of sorts. We heard a little bit about the history and I think it involved a couple that met in New Zealand, but owned land in KY. They started KY Down Under out of their love for the outback. The husband died several years ago and the wife still comes to the park to do dog herding demonstrations. You can pay to sift a bag of dirt with the pans in this water, but our kiddos found their own dirt and sifted it for quite a while :)

This is the man made entrance to Horse Cave. We went down those little stairs and then shut the door behind us. It would be a little creepy if you were claustrophobic at all.

Back in the daylight, time to play in the water some more.

We went to a little lesson on aborigine culture. The speaker was demonstrating how a tribe member might be punished. C was his visual aid :)

They played didgeridoos!!!!
Ok, how cute are these ladies from the red hat society? I had to snap their picture. Their hats were covered in sequins :)
We watched this little dog herd these sheep. His owner kept saying that he wasn't doing a very good job, but we thought he did great!

Did you know that a camel's hump is filled with fat, not water?
The kiddos got to do so many hands-on things. They bottle fed these lambs.
Then my camera died! My friend took lots more pictures, so more to come, if you even made it through all these :)