Sunday, April 25, 2010

Birthday Weeks Come To A Close

With the kiddos' birthdays being 10 days apart it seems like we are celebrating birthdays around here for weeks, well..because we are! The last and final celebration was C's little treats for his classroom at school. C had seen a picture of cookies on a stick on the back of the funfetti cake mix. He asked that I make those and they didn't look too hard. So Friday after I took him to school I came home and started in on the cookie making. It's a good thing I got started early because that left me plenty of time to figure out that I was not very good at making cookies on a stick :) I resorted to Plan B, which was a cupcake cake in the shape of a baseball, and it was a hit (no pun intended!).
C's class got around him to sing a special birthday song and then they gave him a group hug!

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Shannon said...

wish I was in C's class, looks like fun!!! Yes, I think AP and C have the longest birthdays ever...but they are only little once and they have so much fun:)