Sunday, April 4, 2010

My True Wish

Last night the kiddos decided they were going to sleep on the deck in their sleeping bags. That lasted about 15 minutes, then I heard C say "I'm scared to death" and they were back inside. Hubs has plans to stay out there with them and camp in the backyard. We'll see if they make it all night with daddy out there.

We were awoken this morning by C busting in our room and shouting "My true wish..I got my one true wish!" Want to know what his true wish was? First let me tell you that the Easter Bunny actually thought he had really well planned out Easter baskets, light on the candy, heavier on things like socks and little things that the kiddos have asked for over the last few weeks. C has been asking for the I Spy game for his Leapster for a while, so the Bunny knew he would be excited to see it there. But...... that was not his one true wish. His one true wish was the chocolate bunny from the dollar store. Note to self: stop putting so much thought into it :)

Even though it wasn't his wish, he was excited about the I Spy. I caught a "YES!" on camera.

Excuse the semi-indecentness of AP's wardrobe choice. As you can see in the campout picture she started out in her Dora PJ's, but must have changed into her "bra" after she went to bed.

There is no such thing as a family picture on Easter morning. We were running too late to figure out the timer and a place to prop up the camera, so 3 at a time will have to do :)

After church we caught up with my dad for lunch. Baba is in MA hanging out with the northern grandkiddos.

Happy Easter! We are about to attempt Resurrection cookies, I'm sure I'll have pics to share later!


Shannon said...

G and daddy camped out the other night (child slept great, daddy not so much).

Happy Easter to you guys!!! Love the outfits!

Maria said...

It's universal. My mom brought ME a chocolate bunny today for Easter. It was not "my one true wish" but I'm certain I will enjoy it!! Happy Easter