Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spending the Day with Nashville

Friday we spent a large part of the day at the zoo with our friends and most of Nashville! I've never seen that many cars there. It was such a beautiful day that I'm not surprised that so many people had the same idea.I wonder how long they would have sat there and watched the meerkats? I eventually encouraged them to move on, but I think they would have sat right there for an hour :)Checking out the gators C and his "best girlfriend" struck a pose. These two have very similar personalities and just seem to "get" each other. It is very sweet. Her mom took several pictures of them throughout the day that I hope to lift from her blog :)

They are holding scavenger hunts that her mom made for all the kiddos. They got stickers for finding each animal. Such a great idea!
This is only half of the kiddos that we had with us. Our little crew seemed to move slower and take it all in. It looks like C is trying to choke a few here!
We had a great day in the beautiful weather with our good friends. We were worn out for sure!

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