Thursday, April 8, 2010

In The Big Leagues

Tuesday night was C's first game of the spring baseball season. This year, much to his mommy's dismay, he was moved up to the next age bracket. His birthday is 9 days before the cutoff. Basically, he is THREE years younger than some of these kiddos and no one else is in kindergarten There is a big difference between a 6 year old ball player and a 9 year old ball player. My excitement for this season has been dampened by my fears about whether or not he would feel out of his league.

BUT, his first game went great! He did sit out a few innings, but he got a great hit, an RBI, and he scored! The smile on his face as he scored makes any worries that I had disappear. He loves playing and doesn't seem to care at all that he is the little guy. He doesn't even mind sitting the bench if he still gets to hit (they all bat at this age).

This is the first time that I gave in and got a matching jersey. It says "C's mom" on the back :)

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