Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lake Lovers

The kiddos went for a ride while the boys were getting the boats loaded up. Beth, this picture was taken just a few hours after I told you that I thought 4 wheelers were too dangerous!

Yesterday we spent the day on the lake with family. I cannot believe how much braver the kiddos are this year! They both jumped right in the water from the boat. No fear.
AP kept requesting that we throw her from the boat. She would go under for a few seconds, which made this mommy nervous, but then would come up laughing! She loved it. She kept saying "I don't need your help" to anyone that came near her. C was swimming around the lake like a champ! It's a good thing they liked it because we were on the water for about 7 hours. We rode on the water to Anchor High, which is a little restaurant on the water. Then we rode to a nearby cove and watched a fireworks display from the water.

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The O'Neils said...

That is so ironic!! I am glad you guys had fun on the boat!!