Monday, July 20, 2009

Deals and Dentists

Yesterday afternoon I spent almost 2 hours mapping out my grocery shopping plan of attack. It is so fun to me to figure out where the best deals are and go grab them up. Thanks, Maria, for getting me started! There are so many things I didn't know about saving money. For example, you can download coupons onto your Kroger Plus card. There are several different sites to do this and they have different coupons. How fun is that? I hit 2 stores today. I did really good at Publix. I think my favorite deal there was getting vanilla wafers for 1 cent! I also signed up for Extra Cash Back at CVS today. After getting really good deals anyway and using several coupons there, I earned 12 dollars in cash back and used it all to get C school supplies for free!

But, our day wasn't all fun and games. The kiddos had their 6 month teeth cleaning this morning. C, as always, loved it! It doesn't bother him a bit and he thinks the dentist is his friend. AP, on the other hand, remembers her filling from last time and that it hurt. She threw the mother of all fits as soon as she saw the chair. She screamed hysterically. At that point, I wasn't sure what to do. Force her to lay there, leave the room, try to get her to calm down. I went with staying by her at first, but after it was apparent that that was not going to work, I left the room. They cleaned as fast as they could and she screamed the entire time. AND she has 4 cavities! Grrrr. The cavities are in her 2 year molars that just came in! Can they come in with cavities? I sort of got an uneasy feeling about the whole visit. Anyway, here is a pic of the kiddos at the dentist office before the chaos set in :) You can read the emotion on their faces. C is thinking "This is awesome!" AP is thinking "Get me out of here!"

And just because it's cute, I have to add this pic of AP before we left the house this morning. She had on an adorable head scarf with her dress, but only kept it on for about 2.5 seconds. Good thing I snapped a pic when I did!

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Deanna Williams said...

Hey Mom, Are the kiddos too young for sealants? My kids had them put on more than once.