Saturday, July 11, 2009

Driving In

Last night we took the kiddos to the drive in theater for the first time. They loved entertaining themselves in the rocks while we waited for the movie to start.

The first movie was the new Ice Age Dinosaur movie. It was ok. The kiddos kept moving from our van to our friends truck, then requesting snacks, then changing cars again, so I'm not sure that I really caught the storyline. We all had fun, though.

We stayed for the second movie, too. It was A Night At The Museum 2. However, about 40 minutes into it the kiddos had enough. I thought they would fall asleep, but they just got restless. We ended up leaving and will just have to rent that one later.

Today was one of those days that we love, nothing on the schedule at all. We ended up staying pretty busy, though. I met a friend to run this morning and we ran into another friend while we were there. Although it was a pitiful distance, we did run a little further this week than we did last week. Then when I got home I started my second week of P90X. I hadn't blogged about it yet, but Hubs and I both started and completed Week 1. So far we are really loving it and it is an intense workout!


The Writer Chic said...

Love that pic of AP and A. Her faces crack me up.

The O'Neils said...

Pitiful distance...BUT better than nothing! I am proud of us just for making the effort. I hope that we didn't hold Rene up too much!!