Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Must Be Wearing Them Out

Both kiddos have taken such long naps this week. They are both still sound asleep right now! (it's 5:15pm here). Today we had another fun day with friends. We started at Bike Day at our church. The kiddos loved getting the whole parking lot to ride their bikes. The adults loved how entertained the kids were and that we could actually sit and talk to each other ;)

After getting all hot and sweaty on their bikes we went to a friend's house to cool off in their pool. AP started out with her frog floatie on, but then we realized that she could just touch the bottom of the pool and she was so excited. She practiced her underwater swimming over and over. She has come such a long way in just one month of swim lessons. It's amazing.

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The Writer Chic said...

I'm so glad you got that picture of AP "gliding" on the back of the trike. I loved watching her play today. =)