Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sneak Peek

Thursday the fam headed north to go stay at Nanna's house. My kiddos could not have been any happier while we were getting ready to go to Ohio. C said "I always have fun with Nanna!" We made it to Nanna's driveway by about 10:30 Thursday night. We spent a lot of the day Friday getting ready for my sister's big baby shower luau. The highlight of the day was getting to go with my sister to her ultrasound appointment. Here are my sis and her husband after sneaking a peek at Baby T.

A here's the sneak peek! What a profile!

After my sister's appointment we all got ready and went to the Blue Goose Cafe in the little town square near Nanna's house. Here are the girlie cousins playing around while we waited to eat.

I love this little girl! (and she loves her Aunt Sissy, too!)

Just as we finished dinner a parade was going by the restaurant kicking off a little town festival that was going on. The parade was actually a caravan of very loud fire engines, but 2 of the 3 kiddos really liked it. C was super excited about the motorcycles!

We walked from our parade spot to the park where the festival was being held. C played laser tag for the first time! They had an inflatable that you could enter and play laser tag in the dark with two other players. C really liked it! I was a little worried because his 2 opponents were a little older than him and a little bit tougher than him and they knew each other. For some reason, the momma bear in me felt like they were going to gang up on him or corner him. My aunt snuck in a little back door and told the boys to spread out :) Here he is coming out after he played. All smiles as always!

And it cracked him up to dunk someone in the dunking booth!
And guess what all 3 kiddos won???? Lovely goldfish. Actually, the festival workers cheated for AP and helped her win. Then C won 2 fish all by himself and he gave one to my niece. Unfortunately, the bad mommies did not run out and buy fish food and all 3 fish had gone to heaven by the time we got up Saturday morning :(

AP leaving the festival double-fisted- popcorn in one hand and her fish in the other. She would not let anyone help her carry them!


Lori said...

Isn't it funny how EVERYONE ends up winning a goldfish at carnivals and festivals? (Of course, speaking as a teacher who has had to work the goldfish stand, what doesn't go home with YOU goes home with you can understand the motivation!) :)

Mala said...

Lori was a carny????!!! hee hee

Fabulous pictures!