Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fountain Friends

Today we took advantage of another free summer movie. We saw Dougal and it was weird. The kiddos seemed to like it, but I'm glad I didn't spend any money to see it. After the movie we played again in the fountains near the theater. Let me tell you, that was the place to be seen today! There were two of my friends from high school, a friend from church, and two fellow blogging adoptive mommas there! The kiddos loved having so many friends to play with.

(in the background you can see fellow bloggin' mamas Maria and Lala)

Most of the time these two played in their own little world. C thinks that he is going to marry her and I heard her refer to him as her husband today!

After the fountains we walked to a nearby ice cream store for a treat. We had a great day with our friends today!
We also had other big news today. C finally got a letter from his kindergarten teacher! We found out that he will be in the same class as two of his friends from church. He is very excited and ready to go by his school supplies!


mblatham said...

It was SO COOL to run into you today!!! And to get to meet "LaLa" in person was a bonus!! We are excited about doing it next week and having Ellie come and play too. She'll have a blast!!

mblatham said...

Oh, and "PS", tell C. and AP that Ellie LOVED her hugs from them.

Lori said...

That picture of C and his little girl*friend* walking hand in hand is so cute! Just wait until he's older and he sees what a ladies' man he's always been! :)