Thursday, May 13, 2010

For a Honeybun

Today was AP's last day of Mothers Day Out for this school year. This year has flown by!! AP has truly enjoyed getting to spend one day a week with her friends and not hanging with mommy all the time. I snapped a picture of her with the director this morning. The director tried to refuse to get in the picture, but I insisted. She is beautiful (inside and out), but thinks she doesn't take good pictures!Here is AP with her fearless teacher.

Tonight C had a late baseball game. The game started close to our usual bedtime! C's friends came to cheer him on. I haven't been able to get many pictures of the little sisters this season since the boys are in different leagues now. Here they are, cute as ever, with Gatorade mustaches and Cheeto fingers :)

C decided before the game that he really wanted a honey bun, which is not something we typically keep around the house. All through the game he kept saying that he was going to get a hit to get a honey bun. And he did!

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