Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sorry we were late...we found a snail

Friday I spent the day helping C's teacher in her classroom. AP was on cloud 9 because C's teacher told her that she could spend the day helping, too. Of course, in her mind she is older than the kindergartners :) I heard her telling several students what they were supposed to be doing. We went to lunch with the class and she actually went to recess with them. Here she is helping me wipe off dry erase posters.
That night we were on our way to a good friend's birthday party. I just can't stop taking pictures of my adorable kiddos. So as I was snapping this pic on our way out the kiddos spotted a snail climbing on the bricks.
We spent the next 20 minutes examining and watching the snail. We ended up being late to the party!


Shannon said...

that's what is great about kids they make you stop and see the world:)

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