Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Baby, Cool Ride, and the Best Teacher

I don't have any pictures of the Cumberland River flooding Pennington Bend, but that is the area just behind the Opryland Hotel (closer to the river) and that is where Boompa and Baba live. Their house, street, and neighborhood were and still are flooded. They were evacuated by boat on Monday. We are hoping that they will be able to get back to their house today and begin to assess the damage and start the massive clean up.
As the flood waters started to slowly recede on Tuesday, the kiddos and I made our way downtown to visit our newest little friend. She was born Monday afternoon to our good friends, Monica and Jim. AP has been completely obsessed with Mon's pregnancy. She has asked a million questions. She has pretended to be pregnant, even down to pretending that her belly button was starting protrude! I am so glad AP finally got to meet this baby!!!

She is beautiful.

Our visit did bring up another interesting question as we were leaving and walked past the breast pump :) I took it as a great teaching moment on God's provision in the form of breastmilk. But now, AP wants to teach everybody. (Hey, did you know that mommies' boobies make milk like cows? That's sort of how it's been. )

After visiting with our newest friend it was time for our yearly well check-ups. Here they are all smiles before the doc came in and there was any discussion of shots :) C was off the hook, no shots for him. AP got three :( She handled it like a champ, though. She is starting to act so grown up in most situations.
Here are their stats (mostly for my records) :
AP at 4 years old is 39 inches tall and weighs 32 pounds.
C at 7 years old is 49 inches tall and weighs 46 pounds.
(C has gained 4 pounds since his last visit a few months ago!)

That night there was a little brown dog that was under the mistaken impression that he was a princess :) We don't let doggies in the bed so AP thought it was hilarious.

Wednesday morning was the long-awaited limo ride that C won as a top fundraiser in the school's recent Fun Run. Thanks again to all his sponsors! AP and I went over to the school to get a few pictures of C as he got in. He had no idea what a limo was so I wanted to see his reaction. We had to wait a little while outside because the limo was late.

Then it pulled in. Not just any limo, a Hummer stretch. Nice!

Here are all the kiddos that got to ride. C is on the far right. They got to ride to the ChikFilA in our neighboring town for lunch and then back.
C climbing in just in front of the principal. I think she was just as excited as the kiddos!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I may be biased, but I think C has the best Kindergarten teacher. Yesterday we had a little celebration to show our appreciation for her. All the parents went together and got her flowers for her yard, a cooler filled with Dr. Pepper, and a little scrapbook that we helped the children make.


Lori said...

Love it!!! Those are the things about teaching I love and miss--all the joy the kids just beam!!!

Maria said...

Tell Monica I said congrats. She has a beautiful baby!! AP is a RIOT!!! I know Charlie had a BLAST in the limo. Fun!!

Shannon said...

I like this post...lots of fun and exciting things going on!!!