Friday, May 7, 2010

Field Day Fun and Flood Mess

Today AP and I spent the day with C at his school for Field Day. It was a perfect day for outdoor fun. We had a class picnic outside.
AP loves talking to all of the older boys. I can see this being a problem in our future...

...especially when she looks like a little super model!
Caught red-handed being sweet :) C was taking the frisbee toss very seriously.

These are the Belly Bumpers. It was hilarious to watch the kiddos flip over in these. Even AP took a turn!

After school, I finally was able to get to Boompa and Baba's house that was flooded. It was so weird to have to get past the police first. Even stranger to see furniture out in everyone's yard. I do have to brag on my stepmother's super organized attack on the flood damage. She had clean-up crews in the house as soon as it was possible to get in. All of the mud was gone. All the furniture had been moved. There were de-humidifiers going in every room. There was a crew there cleaning out the old ducts. She is doing a great job! It will still be a long time until they are able to move back into their house. Thanks to everyone who has asked about their well being and offered to help!

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