Sunday, May 30, 2010

i'll celebrate that

Friday night was AP's soccer party celebrating the end of the season. AP asked "this means I don't have to play anymore?" She was ready to celebrate that!!! She did clarify several times that there would be no soccer playing at the soccer party :)

As the coach gave her her medal he asked her if she had fun playing soccer this year and she very matter-of-factly told him that no she did not! Another parent asked her if she was going to play soccer this fall and she issued another resounding NO :)

She totally acted like we were doing a model shoot here. You can't even see the little girl behind her!!

Her coach did an awesome job getting these young kiddos to play soccer. AP was not the only player that had begged to be there and then refused to play. At any point in the game, there were usually at least 2 players crying. He would beg them to come into the game. And then they might all decide to play at once and we would have 3 extra players on the field, but that didn't phase the coach. He is a soccer saint! But despite having such a great coach, we are happy to leave AP's soccer career behind, at least for a long while :)


eastandwest said...

That's so funny. She is so much like Moli. After Moli's first practice, she ran off the field and said, "I ready to take ballet!"

Jackie said...

I am cracking up after reading this blog...that AP is just too funny!

Anonymous said...

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