Sunday, May 30, 2010

that's how you rip it in half

Saturday C had a mid-morning game. We went a little early to see some of his friend's game and these two super cute kiddos decided to cover themselves in mud! But, you can't really get that mad, seriously, look at those smiles :)C had warned us that he planned to "rip it in half", meaning that he wanted to get a big hit.

And he did get a hit!!! He then told us that was how you rip it in half :)

Rounding first...
made it to second...
And then he scored!!! I was jumping at that point so I didn't get a picture :)

He ended up getting the game ball! This is the team clapping for him. C is sporting the best grin.
Checking out his game ball.

That afternoon Nanna got into town. As soon as she got here, AP talked her into taking them to my aunt's house so they could all spend the night there. AP has been begging to spend the night at my aunt and uncle's for a few weeks. So that meant kid-free night for Hubs and I!! We met some friends for dinner. We tried out a new bbq place in a nearby town and it was really good.

After dinner, Hubs and I went swimsuit shopping and stopped for ice cream. We were home and in bed by 10:00. We are getting old!

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