Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Tomorrow is the 100th day of kindergarten! C has had several projects leading up to the 100th day. His class is trying to collect 100 food items to donate. They also had to each bring in their own "collection" of 100 things. Leave it up to C to come up with the idea of 100 pieces of blue macaroni! So we worked last night to get the pasta dyed and after it was dry C started counting.

We made it to 100!
And I have to share what I think is my most favorite thrift store find ever. Yesterday we took three big bags of clothes to our local thrift store. While we were there I saw the cutest little hand-carved high chairs for baby dolls. Aren't they adorable?
They were only eight dollars! They have little stickers on the back from a woodworking shop in Wilmington, NC. AP loves feeding her babies in them!


Shannon said...

I like the new background!! Those chairs are cute..somebody worked really hard on those!!!

Lori said...

Blue macaroni? Genius! NO other kid will have that...and trust me, they come in with all kinds of fun stuff!

I also love the baby doll high chairs! AP looks like such a proud mama!