Sunday, January 24, 2010

Killer Geese, Killer Fondue, and Goodbye to Another Tooth!

So yesterday the forecasted 60 temps didn't really feel that way. When we got to the park it was chilly and windy. We played for a little while with friends we ran into there, but then we decided to walk from the park to the library. I think these geese thought we were crossing into their territory and they started chasing the kiddos! See the one spreading his wings behind C, he was ready to attack!

Our dinner at the Melting Pot last night was DEEElicious. C was in his element, he is a dipper at heart. My favorite part, and the reason I anticipate not such a stellar week at WW, was the white chocolate apple cobbler with streusel topping fondue!

Tooth # 5 bit the dust today just before lunch! It had a little help loosening up by way of a lunch box to the face on Friday. According to my dental friend, he lost tooth D. There are almost just as many holes as there are teeth now :)

I haven't posted anything about the Haiti disaster here, but through our church we have many personal connections to people there. Our music minister returns tonight from spending the last week there helping with all the tremendous medical needs. Knowing someone there has really had an impact on C. He prays about Haiti a lot. Earlier in the week, he asked me "Mama, when you lay down in your bed tonight will you pray for Haiti again, too?" Tonight he prayed that the people who aren't hurt will go and help the people who are hurt. He has such a tender heart. Even AP has heard lots about Haiti, although I'm sure she does not understand. Tonight her prayer was "Dear God, please help Haiti feel better."

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Shannon said...

those ducks scare me!!