Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Befores and Afters

Monday night, my friend and I re-joined Weight W@tchers. Yes, we REjoined. We did it together about 5 years ago and were successful, but 2 kids a piece later we both sort of let ourselves ago. Hubs reluctantly took our picture before we went into our meeting. So this is our "before". Check back in, oh, 5 months for the "after".

Here is my second "before" picture. This was our kitchen on Monday.

You might remember that we replaced the black laminate counters with granite last spring. That was my birthday present.

This is what my kitchen looks like this afternoon!
I love the way it turned out! I blogged here about finding the great granite deal. But, then I decided that the black with copper, although I loved it, would make the kitchen look too dark. So I chose a natural stone, but added in a few pieces of the black granite.


Lori said...

I love the backsplash!!!! I'm almost tempted to look into doing something in our kitchen...almost. :)

Shannon said...

the second "after" looks great, lets just hope the first "after" looks better...ha,ha,ha!!!