Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sweet Children of Mine

Since this is sort of a family scrapbook as well as a blog, there are a few things that I've been meaning to post before I forgot. I want to remember the funny things they say and what they are like at each little stage in their lives.

Earlier this week as I was brushing the kiddos' teeth they each shared thoughts with me that I later thought were so fitting and sort of summed up their little personalities right now.
After I finished with C, he just said out of nowhere, "Mom, I'm going to love you forever!" He has such a sweet spirit. He says things like this randomly all the time. He is so "go with the flow" and is happy as long as knows we all love each other :)
As soon as I was done with AP's teeth, she said "Mom, why do boys' peepees look like worms?" Yep, that's my girl. She is so inquisitive and curious about EVERYTHING. She does not stop talking about something or asking questions until she knows everything she thinks she needs to know.

I also don't want to forget how AP plays with her babies. She always has a baby on her hip or in it's stroller. Sometimes the baby is still in her belly (and yes, she has already asked how they get there and how they come out!). Today I heard her comforting her baby and when I asked her why her baby was crying she said "my baby is still in China and she is crying for her mommy and daddy. I need to get on an airplane and go get her." I love to see her processing all this information. Her little brain never rests! And I don't know why she picked China?

Lastly, I love the relationship between the two of them right now. They will play for hours together, pretending to be chefs or parents or teachers. (or completely destroying a room) I bet you can guess who calls all the shots when they play :)
Tonight they got married to each other.

Then later AP married C AND daddy, but daddy wouldn't let me take a picture of that one!
But, lest anyone think they always play nicely together, they do fight with each other just as often! They have pushing each other's buttons down to a science. AP knows exactly which stuffed animal to run in C's room and get and run away with to make him freak!
(after looking back at this post, it appears that I only take pictures of AP, but C has taken cues from his daddy and no longer likes to cooperate for pictures!)


Adrienne said...

I love it!! Owen pretends his toy airplane is going to a baby home in CHINA too! Not Russia or Korea, which I think is so funny. I think he overheard me saying a friend is going to China this week to bring their baby boy home :)

C and AP are too cute!!

The O'Neils said...

They crack me up! Not to mention, AP likes to do surgery on her Baby Pretzel!! You do have two cute kiddos!!