Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Necessarily An Esteem Boost

Sometimes the brutal honesty of my kiddos is harsh! Tonight these 2 conversations happened in the car within 5 minutes of each other and left me thinking I was a wrinkly babysitter :)

If you've read this long or know me in person then you know that up until last May I worked at our local middle school as a therapist. As we were driving past the school tonight, AP asked me if that is where I used to work. She had visited there several times and never forgets a thing. I told her that it was. Then she said "Is that when you were a grown up?" I asked her if I wasn't a grown up now, she said "no you are like a babysitter!"

Then further down the road we were commenting on the road construction and looking at the big cracks in the cement that the crews were fixing. C asked "Does the concrete get cracks when it gets old like your face gets wrinkles when it gets old?"!!!


Shannon said...

lol!! it might be good to be compared to a babysitter, babysitters are always "cool" and I just know C was not talking about you...that is just so funny!!!

The Writer Chic said...

Man, those two comments, and a WW weigh-in? Not my kind of Monday. ;)

janiece said...

Don't you just love it? Well at least they haven't asked you if you are 80! (or the squishy tummy)