Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Us Girls

Saturday I met up with a friend and her little girl who is one of AP's best friends for a girls day. Andy took this pic of us before we left the house, I thought it was really cute until I realized our blanket behind my head had our last name on it, so that's why there are question marks to the right of my head. If I were more photo editing savvy I could have just edited it out, but I'm not.

We all got our nails done first. AP was chatting the sweet lady's head off while she was getting her manicure.

Here is AP with her friend while they were drying their nails under the lights. AP chose purple and her friend chose green with sparkles.

After we got our nails done we drove to what we thought was a tea room, but it is now an antique store. Luckily, there was a cute little meat and three right across the street so we stopped in there. I had to take a picture of the legs of our table. They were wearing jeans and boots!

The girlies showing off their nails.

It was a fun day and great to get some girl time in. AP and I decided that we need to do it more often!

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Lori said...

Those girls giggling about their nails are TOO cute!