Friday, January 8, 2010

In the Meadow We Could

Well, we could if there was enough snow! Our schools have been closed for the last 2 days. We didn't get more than a half inch of snow though, although we were forecasted at times up to 6 inches. Yesterday we met up with some friends for a playdate that seems to be an annual thing now, our we-got-a-snowday-but-no-snow playdate :)
These two have declared themselves to be "best friends". He is so sweet with her. Whenever he saw that she wanted something he would run and go get it for her!
This morning we got up and started baking. We made sugar cookies, then made cookie/brownie bars. The kiddos have lots of fun "helping" in the kitchen.

Well, AP didn't help so much because there were babies that needed to be tended to!I also got to use my new Perfect Brownie pan. And they turned out perfectly!We took our baked goods, along with drinks and toiletries, to our church that is serving as an emergency Red Cross shelter due to the cold temperatures.
After we made our delivery we decided to make the best of the snow that we had. It was SOOOO cold outside! Can you see what little sister was doing to her brother?He got her back!AP wanted to see what it felt like on her face :)There wasn't enough to make a snowman, but they decided to make snow mountains, which looked more like anthills :)We spent a total of about 16 minutes outside before mommy decided she was too cold! AP soon followed, then C came in about 10 minutes later. Even though there wasn't much snow, we have enjoyed getting to see friends, help others, stay warm, and be together!


Betsy said...

I LOVE how AP is holding her baby doll while she comes down the stairs with her 'best friend'. Too cute! Hope you guys stay warm!

Lori said...

I've wondered if that Brownie pan was a gimmick. Good to know it's not. John will love me adding yet ANOTHER baking/cooking-thing-that-will-never-get-used to my kitchen....hey, I may not use them much but I am ALWAYS prepared!

nurin said...

your child was so cute(maybe it is your child)