Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Randomness

The weather is beautiful here today! We are about to head to the park to soak up the 60 degree temps, but I wanted to get some of the random pictures from the last few days off of my camera first.
C's books in his room have been in desperate need of finding a new home. We had been holding on to this little bookshelf because it belonged to Hubs' grandparents. But, despite the sentimentality, it was not cutting it. This is the before shot.
And after a new shelf and taking some of his mementos off his bulletin board it looks much better!
We added a second bulletin board to another wall.

The kiddos are growing up too fast. AP has just started to sit still long enough to color pictures. She has a new interest in trying her best and making her pictures pretty. They will now sit together and do "homework" for close to an hour!

They are also big enough now to clean up their messes and not need me to come behind and clean it again :) Yesterday we had a fish food incident and together they cleaned up every tiny piece! (and yes, we have a UT dustbuster)

Last night we finally got around to making our from-scratch cookies from a good friend. I have tried to make cookie dough from scratch several times with no success. I had decided that it was much easier to break and bake, and it tasted better! But these turned out pretty good and inspired me to try my hand at from scratch again.

C approved of the dough, at least!
After the cookies we had a family movie night and watched G-Force. I fell asleep!

C brought this artwork home from school yesterday. I guess they were supposed to write what they wanted to be like when they were 100. C said like his dad!
C came up with a new way to get the paper in the mornings. He loves going to get the paper, we never really asked him to do it, he asks us if he can do it every day! This is how he delivered the paper to daddy this morning :) If you can't tell, it is on the back of his remote controlled Hummer.
Now we're off to the park! Then tonight to one of my very favorite places to eat, The Melting Pot!

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Lori said...

The Vols Dustbuster cracks me up!!!
However, I must say, if I found a Hokie one, we may just end up getting it!! :)