Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Friends and Free Stuff

First, for the free stuff. I haven't posted in a while about my couponing adventures, but I'm still at it! The items in the picture below are things that were absolutely free at Kroger yesterday using coupons. There were a lot more things that were under a dollar. The website that I use to help me get organized is southern savers dot com, if anyone is interested.

Monday we managed to get a third snow day from the flurries that we had last Thursday. We love snow days! We met a few friends to play at an indoor playground and then go to lunch.

Today we got to play with another little friend for a while. His mommy was at the doctor checking on his soon-to-be little sister!

AP loves playing with S because she thinks she is taking care of him :)
We are getting him used to all the pink, and baby dolls, and girlie stuff!

I loved the light coming in through the kitchen window. He was reading a book to the dog :)

After we picked brother up from school we made cupcakes together to take to church tonight.

Everybody helped out. Even though S would rather have kept playing with trucks. The boy loves him some trucks!

Even the dogs helped out! (don't worry they were licking AFTER all mixing was done)

Back to the trucks :)

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The Writer Chic said...

You got some GREAT pictures of the Boy. =) Thank you, SO MUCH, again, for keeping him. I know he had a blast, and it makes it so easy for me to leave when I know he is in such good hands. (Yours, and AP's, of course.)