Monday, January 18, 2010

Riding, Jumping, and Painting..Oh My!

What a great long weekend we had! The weather finally warmed up from the sub-zero windchills we had last week so we headed outside. Saturday morning we went to our town's greenway to get a little exercise. Daddy ran and C rode his bike while AP and I walked. We went about 1/4 of a mile too far for AP. She found a spot on my hip for the last part of our trek :)
AP trying her hand at photography Here comes daddy!

Saturday afternoon we had plans to meet with friends at Chuck E Cheese, but when we got there they weren't letting anyone in unless you were there for a party. So now we had 5 wired kiddos ready to play and nowhere to go! Luckily, a few blocks away is an indoor jump place so that's where we headed.

Another exciting thing that happened last Friday was that C got to check out a book from his school's library for the first time. The kindergartners spend a lot of time learning about the library before they actually get checking out privileges. C chose a book entitled "Snow" because of "all the beautiful pictures".

Yesterday we decided to check out Art Quest at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts for the first time. The kiddos LOVED it! There are about 15 hands-on art projects that they can jump in and do all by themselves. There were digital projects, blocks, still life drawings, painting, writing on a Plexiglas wall, animation, printmaking, tissue art, paper rolling, and probably more that I didn't get pictures of. I actually think I wasn't supposed to be taking pictures at all...oops.

We took a break after a few projects to eat our lunch outside. It was a beautiful day. We were sort of on the roof and had great views of downtown around us.

After our lunch break, it was back in to channel a little more creativity. Here they are working hard to draw a wooden statue. C really got into it :)

Striking a pose with their tissue paper art

This was my art. It reminded me of pomping our Homecoming floats in high school!

C was working the printing press! It was really cool and I plan to frame the little prints they made.

They wore themselves out! They actually both fell asleep before 7:15 last night, which made daddy's night easier. I was at my 2nd WW weigh in, down 2.8! It's not that much, but I'm heading in the right direction :)


Lori said...

Those art centers looked awesome!! They looked like they had so much fun!

Maria said...

Congrats on the weight loss. Better off than on, right!! Your hair looks good. Looks shorter and lighter??