Saturday, April 4, 2009

Grandparents, Gardening, and Good Friends

Friday was GranDay (grandparents day) at C's school. The kiddos are blessed to have so many grandparents that love/spoil them. Boompa was the grandparent for the day. C and Boompa had breakfast together at his school, had their picture made, and C gave Boompa a gift he had made for them. There was an assembly after that with a speaker, but in true Boompa and C fashion they skipped it and went to the boat dock and to a movie! C had so much fun hanging out with his Boompa. The movie that they saw was in 3D. C is still talking about fighting the things that were coming out of the screen.

Saturday was perfect weather here in middle TN. We started out with a baseball game at the crack of dawn. C pulled another "I'm going to hit the ball then freeze" move. But, the second time around he hit it and ran! He is getting the hang of it slowly but surely :) After his game we stopped by his best friend's soccer game. G was dominating the soccer field. I had to snap a pic of the two of them in their uniforms, too cute!

We spent the rest of the afternoon working out in the yard. Hubs planted a new tree and a whole row of new flowering shrubs. I found planters that I liked that weren't super expensive and finally decorated our front steps a little.

Then last night we had some friends over for an impromptu cookout. It was a relaxing evening, that is until the boys started their jam session. They kept wanting us to come to the playroom for their concert. It was SO LOUD, but they had a lot of fun.

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