Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The King of Birthdays

Today our baby boy turned six! I can't even put into words how old that makes me feel or how badly I'd like to just freeze time where it is. There are days, like today, when it seems like the years are flying by. Seriously, how did our baby become six? Anyway, it is what it is. He is an awesome happy six year old boy and he had a very busy day!

He woke up thinking that because he was six today that he was going to get to go to kindergarten...today. I'm not sure how we led him to believe that, but we had to get that cleared up. He then found that I had finished icing the cookies for his class. His school mascot is a Cougar, so he requested Cougar Paw cookies to share with his classmates.
His special cookie had a 6 on it.
Then it was time to open an early present, excuse daddy in his pj's.

Then Hubs and I sang Happy Birthday while C blew out the candle in his banana oatmeal- his favorite breakfast :)

I went to his class for snacktime today. He got to wear a birthday crown. As he put it on he said "this makes me feel like I am the King of Birthdays!"

Then his class sang to him and he got 6 birthday hugs from his teacher.

I have no pictures of him sharing his paw cookies with his friends because he requested that I pass them out for him :) As I was leaving he gave me a big hug and said "thank you momma for all this". (melt my heart) After school he came home to find his other birthday present, notice he is still the king!

A few days before his birthday we told him that he could pick anywhere he wanted eat today. He told me that he wanted to eat at home and guess what he wanted...

So while I was inside cooking up Spidey, he tried out his new pitching machine. Check out his eye on the ball!

Then at dinner, C got to eat off the special day plate. I made this at one of those paint your own pottery places before we even had kiddos.

Then it was off to baseball practice. C took baseball cupcakes to share with his team and they all sang to him again!

After bath, C wrote a quick note to one of his teachers.

Then it was book and bed time for two very worn out kiddos!

This was C's prayer tonight- "Dear God, thank you for my birthday and my beautiful world." Can I get an Amen?


Maria said...

Happy Birthday KING Charlie!! I see that you had a fantastic day. You have a pretty cool mom to have made all the things she made for you! I love your new bike and I'm sure you do too. Six is a great age -- enjoy it a lot, ok? Oh, and your sister's hair is getting longer and is terribly cute -- but I know you don't care about all that, huh?

amberlee said...

Oh, man. What a fun day for a little boy! Very, very cool :)

Deanna Williams said...


Lori said...

Amen and Amen again! You are so uber-mom! I HOPE I can come close to making even ONE batch of cool cookies or cupcakes (I know the shirts and other cutesies will NEVER happen) for my little one...I love the last picture of the two of them. Precious!

Jamie said...

Happy happy birthday Charlie! Glad it was such a good one. Nice job on the decorating Mom! Mason has that same bike- awesome gift- coolest bike on the block!

RoadDog said...

He is one great kid!!