Friday, April 24, 2009

Late Night at the Ballpark

Last night C's baseball game didn't start until after his normal bedtime and then wasn't over until 10! But, it was the most exciting game of the season so far. The game went to two extra innings. The Riverdogs did so well! C got an RBI that brought in the tying run. He also got a double! AP had fun cheering her brother on!

The entire team got gameballs for their excellent teamwork. C was very excited about his first gameball!

After his late night, C had to get up and energized for his Cougar Olympics at school today. I went by the school to watch the excitement. They started out with some stretching.

Then it was relay time!

They were all winners and proud of their ribbons!


Brand New Mama said...

I love AP's little haircut. She is too cute! I hope Lynde's hair settles down a bit!

Maria said...

Multiple comments -- BIG STUFF: AP's haircut -- SO SO SO cute!!! Unbelievably cute. I love it!! Ok, enough there. C's RBI -- INCREDIBLE!! I told you he was a natural and would be great (in a comment a while back). Who is God? God is love. And then quickly ask her an unrelated question -- haha!!