Friday, April 10, 2009

Saw Rock City

Wednesday was our last day in Nooga. Hubs left the hotel early for meetings. The kids and I geared up and headed to the pool only to find that it was CLOSED. What? We had just been in it the night before and it was working just fine. I talked to the mgmt and they said that it was actually the hot tub that was not working, but the hot tub pipes were spraying the wiring for the pool pumps, so they closed the whole shebang. I think she felt a little sorry for me with both kiddos in their suits and now AP was crying inconsolably about the swimming pool. I gave her my room number and she said she would call us as soon as they could open the big pool back up. We went back to the room and listened to AP cry on and off for the next 45 minutes! It's hard to explain wet wiring to a 2yo already in her swimsuit! Finally, they called and we headed to the pool, but now we only had about twenty minutes to swim because we were checking out that day. That twenty minutes was worth it, the kiddos had a blast.
After we showered and checked out we decided to go see Rock City since we had just recently done both the Aquarium and the Discovery Museum with the kiddos. They loved Rock City! It was a lot smaller than I remember, but still very beautiful.

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Brea said...

Too funny that we ran into you there. I finally just finished my blogging on our trip! Hope your doing great!