Thursday, April 30, 2009

This Is Gonna Be Awesome

It's funny how the messier things are, the more fun they are. I can't get our sweet girl to sit still and color with crayons for the life of me, but break out the watercolors and she's an artist for hours!

On another note, C tried out one of his birthday presents this morning. He said "This is gonna be awesome!" right before I caught this adorable excited grin!

The present is a cup that mixes your chocolate milk for you! There is a button and a little tornado guy in the bottom that spins when you press it. How fun it was to watch the milk spin :)


Pamela said...

RE: A...looks like she's found her artistic medium. Awesome.

RE: C...he's so darn cute with that choco milk mixer. Adorable!

Carmen said...

I need to try water colors because Lofton hates to color, and he will announce the fact anytime he is asked to do it.

One more thing, where did Charlie get that cup? Both of my boys drink chocolate milk every morning. We need one.