Thursday, April 23, 2009


Remember back, oh 6 months ago, when AP was evaluated by Early Intervention for speech but didn't qualify because it was too early? Well, she is now 3 and was able to have her formal evaluation through the school system yesterday. I was worried about how they would evaluate her when she tends to...have her own ideas about the way things should be done. I think that overall she did well considering how long they expected her to sit still and identify pictures and repeat words (an hour). There were definitely times when her feisty side reared it ugly head. She and the therapist had a little meeting of the minds over whether she was going to sit on her bottom or on her knees. AP did eventually obey, but it was not without some convincing. At one point AP pushed a little chair right over to the water fountain in the room, climbed up, and got herself a drink. I though the therapist was going to have a heart attack! Apparently, standing in chairs is very wrong in school. Which makes sense, but it didn't occur to me when she was doing it and I felt like the therapist over reacted just a little bit. It was weird to me to see her talk very sternly to AP. I mean I'm the mom and I was standing right there, but I also get that we were in her school and have to obey the rules. So, back to the evaluation...She definitely qualifies and we go back in a few weeks to talk about what that means.

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