Sunday, April 12, 2009

How can it be?

AP turned three!!! I cannot believe my baby is not even close to being a toddler anymore. She is a full-fledged preschooler now. The jump from 2 to 3 feels like leaving babyhood behind for good. So sad, but so exciting, too! She thinks that she is much older than she is. Just a few fun facts about AP on her birthday:
  • She is OBSESSED with short-sleeves. The first thing she will notice about someone is whether they are wearing short sleeves. She cries when it it too cold to wear short sleeves.
  • She asks to go to a hotel every day. She would like to live in a hotel.
  • She talks non-stop. She says "mommy" at least once a minute. She gets mad if you don't talk back. There is no ignoring her. It is still difficult to understand what she is saying. She will repeat things over and over until you guess right.
  • She loves to play with "bubba". She likes to try and mother him, too.
  • Her favorite things to eat are bread and butter. We don't keep butter on hand, so when we go out to eat she puts on a butter eating display.
  • Instead of asking "why", she says "because..." and expects you to finish the sentence.
  • She likes "guys". This is scary to me. If she sees a guy with sunglasses on, she'll say "I like that cool guy".
  • She doesn't like to watch tv.
  • She loves chapstick and lip gloss. This morning she said she was going to "fight" if her friends took her lip gloss at church!
  • She is a bright, opinionated, independent, nurturing, little gift from God!
She had an Easter Egg Hunt/birthday party on Saturday. She had lots of her little friends there and was every bit aware of the fact that they were there to celebrate her! I think all the kiddos had a great time.

Later that night the entire extended fam went out to Logan's to eat. If you have ever seen a birthday at Logan's then you know that they have you stand up while they shout to the restaurant that it is your birthday. The entire place then gives you a big "yee haw" for your birthday. That is what we are doing in the last blurry picture. When I was putting AP to bed that night I asked her if she had a fun birthday. Her answer was "they said yeehaw to me!". My girl likes attention for sure!


Maria said...

I DIDN'T KNOW!!!! Whaaaaaa!!! Well, I will most definitely have her a present when we get together again. Tell Ms. AP that I'm sending a great big YEE HAW to her for her three-year-old birthday. What a big girl she is becoming!! :-) HUGS!!

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday, AP. It looks like you had a wonderful day!!!

Lori said...

Holy that a Barbie Birthday cake? You are amazing!!!!

Shane & Marie said...

Happy birthday AP! I love her outfit and the cake is adorable. Seeing her pictures makes me WANT a girl!!!

RoadDog said...

A great kid!!!