Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hey Catch

Monday night at C's baseball game he got moved in from the outfield to play catcher at the last minute because our regular catcher wasn't there. I was so proud of the way he just went with the flow, even though he had never played that position before. He had no idea that he was supposed to catch every pitch and throw it back, but it ended up being so much fun for him! It kept his attention much better than the outfield does. It was funny when the other coach would say "hey catch" talking to C about something, C had no idea that he was talking to him because he didn't know he was "catch" :) Then when he got up to bat he hit the ball, dropped the bat, and ran! (If you have been following his season then you know that he had a tendency hit and freeze). He made it all the way to third before they called the game because of lightening in the area. It was a very short game, but he is still talking about how much fun he had! We are looking forward to two games on Saturday if it doesn't rain.

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