Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Right On

Yesterday after school we headed to Chattanooga for a mini-vacation. Hubs had to go for work so the kiddos and I tagged along. We got to the hotel at about 10pm last night and saw that the pool closed at 11, so off we went for a late night swim! I should clarify that the pool was indoor and heated since it has been snowing outside! We have been swimming again twice today. C has definitely not forgotten his swimming skills from last year. He stayed in the deep end most of the time and can swim back and forth from side to side. He knows how to come up for a breath then go back under and keep swimming. I was very impressed. Pumpkin is getting a little braver, too. She jumped in from the side over and over. She even went under with me a few times and liked it. I'd really like to get them both in swimming lessons soon.

We worked up an appetite with all of our swimming and went into downtown Chattanooga tonight for dinner. We went to a really artsy funky pizza dive. I think we were the only ones there not wearing hemp, but the pizza was good! Our server said "right on" after everything.

After dinner we walked a few blocks and found a Ben & Jerrys. Yum! I got my favorite- a chocolate dipped frozen banana :)
At least we had sort of a long walk back to the car so we worked some of our calories off!

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