Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wigwam Review

Ok, several people have asked what the wigwams were like. First of all, it was a great family experience. It is the perfect place for young children. The big open play area is back away from the street and enclosed by the wigwams, so the kiddos can run until their heart is content. The manager was very nice and accomodating. As far as the actual wigwams themselves, it depends on your mindset going into it. If you look at it as a camping trip with a few ammenities thrown in- AC, running water, lights, a bed- then it is really really nice. If you are looking for a spacious room that sparkles with cleanliness, then it might not be for you. The wigwams are actually made of concrete and have bathrooms/showers in them. There was a hot water issue (some wigwams had it, ours did not) Again, we went for the experience and had a great one!

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