Friday, December 11, 2009

Birthday Cake For Jesus

Dad, that title is for you :) The kiddos and I made a birthday cake for Jesus to take to the birthday party we were having in Puggles Wednesday night.

I thought about titling this "Attack Of The Sprinkles". AP dumped a whole jar of stars right in the hole in the middle.

Here are AP and her Puggle friends after they put together their own nativity scene on the wall. Nevermind the flying camel or the star shining from the hay :)

Then it was time to dig into the cake!

Yesterday afternoon we met our good friends and headed to the mall to visit Santa again. My kiddos have already talked to him twice, but you know they have to be color coordinated to get their picture made :)


Mr. Puggle said...

Happy Birthday Jesus! :)

amberlee said...

We have Jesus' bday party on the 23rd every year :)
Last year, Layla was sure Jesus would want penguins on his bday cake! And that's exactly what he got. Who knows what kind of cake Jesus will want this year?!

Allison said...

Cute!! We make a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve, then on Christmas morning the kids sing happy birthday to him and get to eat cake for breakfast!!