Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Go Out Walking

Tuesday the kiddos and I headed to downtown Nashville to get AP's sixth postplacement report certified and authenticated. We had found out several trips ago that if you go to the 28th floor of the building where the Secretary of State is located that it is an all glassed in walking track and observatory. The kiddos love going up there and looking down at the city. We spotted our car below. Do you see it? It's a white Pilot.

Then we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and take a walk around downtown. We walked to the capitol first and checked out their Christmas tree. It seemed to be a little skimpy.

Here are the kiddos on the steps of the capitol building.

Then we walked to the War Memorial Building.

I contemplated not letting them walk around the fountains at Legislative Plaza. There was a very high probability that one would fall in, but we threw caution to the wind :)

From there we walked down by the Tennessee Performing Arts Center then over to the Hermitage Hotel. They thought it was cool to see where Hubs and I were married.

The nice doorman/bellhop/concierge (what is the right word?) offered to take our picture. After talking with him we realized that his family goes to our church (in our little town 40 minutes away). It's a small world.

I had so much fun sharing these sights with the kiddos for the first time. That night when we got home we put up our other Christmas trees. I'll share pics of our decked halls soon!

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