Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

Thursday afternoon the kiddos and I met up with some friends to go through ICE. We were sure to bundle up in lots of layers.
When we got there the kiddos were complaining that they were cold waiting outside for our friends. They had no idea that it was MUCH colder inside.

We had quite a crew of frozen noses :) This year's theme was A Charlie Brown Christmas. If you have never been through the ICE display at Opryland, it is a winding trail decorated with all things made completely of ice. It is between 8 and 9 degrees inside!

The ice slide was the crowd favorite. I even went down myself :)

Right after the slide AP decided that she had been cold long enough and cried the rest of the time :(

We can see warmth at the end of the tunnel!

We went home and warmed up with our own hot chocolate. We could have paid $5 a cup at the ICE gift shop, but we opted out of that :)

(These are the kiddos' $3 pj's by the way. Totally worth going to Wal-Mart at 5am on Black Friday!)

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