Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas with the Cousins

The day after Christmas we celebrated again with my sister and her family. The kiddos LOVE being with their cousins.

We opened even more presents. Here is Bumblebee...I mean Daddy

Santa loves him, and so do we!

We had a family Nertz tournament. Hubs and I dominated! We have heard that after talking smack they are out to get us, but we will believe it when we see it :)

Baby T chillin' in his new seat

All 3 pretending to have babies in their bellies! We didn't even address the impossibility with C.

This is what AP would do all day if we let her. Baby T would not like that very much.

Sometimes love hurts :)


Shannon said...

oh, baby T is so cute...next time I am coming just to hold him and rub his bald head:) Happy New Year!!

nertzfan said...

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