Thursday, December 31, 2009

Not Your Average Storytime

Yesterday the kiddos and I went to Nashville's downtown library for storytime. We were very impressed! Their storytime is complete with it's own theater and puppet stages. It sort of puts our small town library's storytime to shame (although we appreciate it very much!). We met some friends there and after the story they immediately needed to get their wiggles out :)

They also had a craft going on in the craft room. The kiddos made doorhangers that they proclaimed were "very beautiful".

We browsed the children's fiction section and were in awe of all the books! I sure wish we lived close enough to really utilize the library. Ms J sat down and had an impromptu storytime right there in the aisle.

We look forward to going back for more storytimes and puppet shows. They told us about an upcoming shadow puppet show that sounded really cool!


Maria said...

Let us know sometime and we'll meet you!! Kat probably would want to come too!

Shannon said...

us too!! we want to go!

Carmen said...

The Nashville Library time is great; we have gone quite a bit. Tell me the next time you go. I can go on Tuesdays.

By the way, I happened on your Sugar on Top blog, and I didn't realize that you were so crafty. When did this start?... With the Halloween owl costume? Anyways, Landon is a huge Mickey fan. If I buy a shirt, will you make me one. or, he wears a 2T or 3T would be fine too cause he could wear it longer. If you have the shirts already, make me one and let me know how much. If you don't have a shirt, I'll get one to you. Let me know. Thanks. Carmen