Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Grown Up PJ Party

Last night 3 of my longest time friends came over for dinner and just to have time together. Our friendships started somewhere in elementary school and I am so blessed to have these women still as best friends today. As our families have grown and we are stretched thinner we have less time to just hang out which made last night even a little more special. We all wore our pj's, too!
After dinner we made monogrammed ornaments together for our families.

Here are 2 of my finished results. I made one for each of us with our first initial on it. I think they all turned out really cute!


Shannon said...

awe...aren't we cute?! Thanks for hosting, I had a great time!!!

Maria said...

Love the ornaments!! So, did you just make one "A" to fit three of you or did you make three? :-) Your Christmas pix were fun!! Love AP's Dora doll -- don't let Ellie see it. She's liable to steal it. :-)