Friday, December 18, 2009

Let The Sleeping Late Commence!

Yesterday AP and some of her friends had a gymnastics playdate. We had been there before, but AP got a little more into it this time. She loved holding on to the monkey bar, then swinging and letting go, and trying to "stick it" like the big girls told her to (aka land on her feet). She did this over and over.
They all got to go on a "sled ride".
At the end they laid down and closed their eyes to wait for a surprise (bubbles!).

Sweet friends eating lunch together

Today was C's last day of school for the Christmas break. I can't even put into words how excited I am about the lack of alarm clock for the next few weeks. C has to be at school at the crack. of. dawn. And we are ready for a break! This morning was his class Christmas breakfast and gift exchange. Here is his sweet teacher with the class. It cracks me up. They are all doing their own thing, with very few looking at the camera. Mrs C looks like "I've lost control and don't care at this point!" Bless her heart. I don't see how she wrangles these kiddos day in and day out. She is definitely earning jewels in her crown! Speaking of crowns, and heaven, and Jesus... I love the way that the teacher reminded the kiddos today that Christmas was not about gifts but about celebrating someone very special's birthday. We are in a public school, so that's as far as she could go, but the kiddos knew exactly what she was talking about!

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