Thursday, December 31, 2009

Not Your Average Storytime

Yesterday the kiddos and I went to Nashville's downtown library for storytime. We were very impressed! Their storytime is complete with it's own theater and puppet stages. It sort of puts our small town library's storytime to shame (although we appreciate it very much!). We met some friends there and after the story they immediately needed to get their wiggles out :)

They also had a craft going on in the craft room. The kiddos made doorhangers that they proclaimed were "very beautiful".

We browsed the children's fiction section and were in awe of all the books! I sure wish we lived close enough to really utilize the library. Ms J sat down and had an impromptu storytime right there in the aisle.

We look forward to going back for more storytimes and puppet shows. They told us about an upcoming shadow puppet show that sounded really cool!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Taken down by chips and salsa

Tooth #4 finally threw in the towel!

Life Lessons

Can you guess what C taught his sweet little cousin to do this morning???

Christmas with the Cousins

The day after Christmas we celebrated again with my sister and her family. The kiddos LOVE being with their cousins.

We opened even more presents. Here is Bumblebee...I mean Daddy

Santa loves him, and so do we!

We had a family Nertz tournament. Hubs and I dominated! We have heard that after talking smack they are out to get us, but we will believe it when we see it :)

Baby T chillin' in his new seat

All 3 pretending to have babies in their bellies! We didn't even address the impossibility with C.

This is what AP would do all day if we let her. Baby T would not like that very much.

Sometimes love hurts :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Long Winter's Nap

Nanna came to town on Wednesday. She brought the kiddos these cute Christmas pj's, too. Can you tell they were excited to see Nanna??
Last night we went to my aunt and uncle's to celebrate with family. We sort of exchanged half of our gifts and will do the rest when my sister gets into town tomorrow. We had fun playing a few new games this year (did I mention that I won them all? heehee)

Check out his reaction to the race track. Love it!

This is C's stop-asking-me-what-I-got face :) It doesn't work, though.

Say hello to my little friend

After we got home way too late from celebrating with family, we headed out into the freezing rain to put out reindeer food. Brrrr.

We left cookies for Santa and apples for the reindeer.

They found them!

Priceless first reaction to finding Santa's gifts!

Am I dreaming?

This is AP saying "this is just what I wanted!"

This is the first of ten million times that she has fed her new baby today. The baby has peed ten million times as well!

Dueling leapsters

When it finally quit raining we went outside with their new ride on toys. We didn't last long, though. It was freezing.

Shortly after, we all settled in for a long winter's nap, a four hour nap to be exact! This mommy was exhausted. But I woke up renewed and ready to celebrate again tomorrow with my sis!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Did I Mention She is 3?

Today while I was getting ready I let AP play in the bathroom (don't worry all appliances were unplugged). I asked her what she was doing and she said "I'm pretending to get ready for my wedding!"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Grown Up PJ Party

Last night 3 of my longest time friends came over for dinner and just to have time together. Our friendships started somewhere in elementary school and I am so blessed to have these women still as best friends today. As our families have grown and we are stretched thinner we have less time to just hang out which made last night even a little more special. We all wore our pj's, too!
After dinner we made monogrammed ornaments together for our families.

Here are 2 of my finished results. I made one for each of us with our first initial on it. I think they all turned out really cute!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

If I Could With You Merry Chrithmith

C lost tooth #3 last night! We have been hoping that his top tooth that was knocked crooked would be next. It has been loose for weeks, but it was a sneaky bottom tooth that came out next. The tooth fairy almost forgot her duties last night, too! For some reason I woke up wide awake at 2:30 am and remembered! I didn't want to wake Hubs up so I snuck around in the dark to find some dollars, then Hubs thought I was an intruder and almost tried to attack me!
We celebrated Christmas a little early today with Boompa and Baba.

AP is showing off her new panda necklace.

C showing me his Adventure Science Center shirt. We got a family membership from B and B. The kiddos are going to love it!

The puppies were pretty comfy with Boompa!

Boompa and Baba are headed to Boston in the morning to see my stepbrother and his fam. We had fun celebrating with them!